ENVI Vape is the next biggest brand in the world of disposable vapes. Delight your taste buds with smooth and
mouth-watering flavours followed by strong vapor production, all housed in a premium, high quality vape.

The ENVI Vape family features 3 fantastic disposable devices perfect for every occasion:

ENVI Core (up to 450 puffs)
ENVI Boost (up to 1500 puffs)
ENVI Apex (up to 2500 puffs)

Experience all the ENVI in the palm of your hands.

The Remix Series features exclusive custom-blended profiles that are unique only to our brand.

These are one-of-a-kind products that have been specially formulated by our ENVI team to bring you
delicious, bold, and brilliant flavours that are unmatched by others.

Taste originality, taste creativity, taste the Remix Series!