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ENVI Vape is one of the best and biggest brands in the world of disposable vapes in Canada. We pride ourselves by not only delivering top quality and great tasting flavours, but also bolstering premium and powerful devices that house them.

Each ENVI disposable model (Nano, Boost, and Apex) go through strenuous testing to ensure that all devices are reaching the advertised puff count* with a consistent longevity and high flavour performance. Each disposable device we offer also brings you the best value compared to other disposable brands.

It is flavour, quality, and value that you can depend on.

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Asides from our extensive and growing list of mouth-watering flavours, our brand also offers an exclusive line up called the Remix Series which features unique and custom-blended profiles that have been specially crafted by our skilled flavourists at ENVI Vape.


We understand how important it is for ex-smokers and vapers to find a product that not only works but is also affordable and satisfies their taste buds. With this belief in mind, our team at ENVI Vape continues to innovate new products to bring you the BEST TASTING DISPOSABLE VAPES that you can count on to help with your quitting journey.

Experience all the ENVI in the palm of your hands.

*Actual puff count may differ for each user due to various vaping habits.

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Up to 800 PUFFS